Monday, November 6, 2017

Spooky Narratives for Halloween

The Lollipop Man
By Joshua

Once there was a girl named Gina, who was rude, mean and greedy. Her parents were strict and kept punishing Gina for being so rude. Gina hated her parents.

One day when Gina’s parents were busy around the house and Gina was watching TV, she heard the bells of the lollipop man pushing around his cart just outside the house.

She grabbed her purse and ran outside, she then saw the lollipop man with his cart waiting for people to buy his lollipops. When Gina walked up to the cart, she prepared her purse and asked for three lollipops. Demandingly. The man handed Gina the three lollipops and took her money. As Gina walked away, the lollipop man said “Gina, don’t be greedy with those.” Gina was very confused about how the lollipop man knew her name. But she didn’t care.

When Gina got back home she started eating her first lollipop. Then, the phone rang! So she answered. “Hello? Who’s there?” All was silent, but not for more than three seconds Gina heard a voice sing “It’s the lollipop man! The lollipop man! I’m in your kitchen!” After that, the caller hung up. Gina went downstairs to the kitchen. Although, the lollipop man wasn’t there, her mother was dead on the floor with a knife in her heart.

SInce Gina hated her mother, she was happy like a fish in water after almost being killed of oxygen. By this time, Gina had finished her first lollipop and celebrated by eating another. And Again, the phone rang! Gina picked up the phone and once again: “It’s the lollipop man! The lollipop man! I’m in your bathroom.” Right after, the phone hung up. Gina went into the bathroom and didn’t see the lollipop man or any lollipops. All she saw was her dad, lying down on the floor, dead, with a razor in his throat.

Of course, Gina didn’t care because her dad was such a “control freak!” It was then Gina realised…

She had no parents! This was probably the best time of Gina’s life ever! She danced and danced and danced around the house singing: YES! YES! YES! YES! NO PARENTS! NO PARENTS! To celebrate, Gina ate her third lollipop. As soon as she placed the lollipop into her mouth, the phone rang. AGAIN! “It’s the lollipop man! The lollipop man! I’m in the living room.”

Gina was quite happy that the lollipop man was there because she ran out of lollipops. She ran downstairs and into the living room. As she walked in, she looked around for the lollipop man. But everything was the same. As Gina walked into the middle of the living room…
The ceiling fan landed on her, chopping her to pieces! When the ceiling fan settled, all you could see was Gina, on the floor, dead, with a ceiling fan sticking out her stomach.




  1. Woah...spooky but a very well structured narrative. Well done!

  2. that's great josh well done! maybe next time you could do what happened to the lollipop man but I really like spooky storys and this one was great!!!