Monday, July 31, 2017

Supporting your child at home with school maths and extending their numeracy knowledge

It is important for parents to help support their child with their maths learning, so your child can retain the learning from school and to help them to be successful. A lot of the time parents don't know where to start with helping their child because the strategies are different from what they did at school.  The area where students need the most support is with numeracy knowledge such as basic facts, place value, forwards and backwards number sequence etc.  Here is a link to an awesome math site of ways you can help support your child with their school maths at home.
Here are some more e-learning website to make learning BF and PV fun

Monday, July 24, 2017

What's coming up in Term 3?

Hello Parents/Caregivers and Students,

It's now Term 3, can you believe it?  The first major school event taking place this term is the Reremoana School Cross Country which takes place on Friday. Please make sure you have filled in the permission slip and have returned it to me by Friday.

We have booked World of Maths to come in to our school next Friday (August 4th 2017). The World of Maths Roadshow is an ideal opportunity for students to see how maths is applied to some real life situations. More importantly, students will be engaged in hands-on activities that will cater for all ability levels and probe their problem solving skills. It is a highly engaging session which will show the children that Maths can be fun!

Tui Team Celebration will be Friday Week 3! Please come along to support the students in Tui Team.

This term we will also be preparing for our Yr 5/6 Camp that will take place early Term 4. Please make sure you have made payment for camp by the end of this term.

Mrs  Bellve

Speech Finals Term 2

Well done to Sophie, Joshua and Eashwar who represented Room 17 in the Yr 5/6 speech finals.  Congratulations to Sophie (Yr 5) and Joshua  (Yr 6 ) who were rewarded 2nd place!