Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Global WALT:  To write a narrative to entertain my audience.

Use a range of descriptive language
Use range of conjunctions to join ideas
Written in Past tense
Appropriate paragraphs

Structured correctly by including an orientation, problem, resolution and conclusion.

Good Grated Cheese and Stinky Salami
By Sophie Wilton-Greenstreet

Once upon a time in a city called Dairy City lived a good dairy superhero named Good Grated Cheese who was a CRIME FIGHTER! He was a full piece of cheese until . . . his enemy Stinky Salami GRATED HIM TO PIECES!! Good Grated Cheese is so thin like a spaghetti piece and Stinky Salami is so fat and cold blooded.
The problem was that Stinky Salami was on the rampage for . . . Good Grated Cheese!! Stinky Salami is going to grate Good Grated Cheese until there is nothing left of him!! Dun Duuun Duuuun!!!
There was another superhero called Super Sausage who was willing to help Good Grated Cheese to defeat Stinky Salami forever! So Super Sausage and Good Grated Cheese headed out . . . but Stinky Salami was on guard. Good Grated Cheese and Super Sausage failed to defeat Stinky Salami.
By failing, Super Sausage and Good Grated Cheese lived in a city of chaos. It was dark and it was alway gloomy and miserable. Stinky Salami was ruling the world. They lived miserably ever after.
The End

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