Sunday, December 10, 2017

Almost The End Of The Year!

It' almost that time to take all the work off the wall and pack up ending another great year. A couple of reminders...
Please bring a strong bag to take all your books and belongings home in
Don't forget to bring in your Secret Santa present to school by Wednesday
Shared lunch and Tui Team water fight on Thursday
Please bring in $2 for tomorrow's fun activities

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Chosen Valley Camp 2017


At swimming today students learnt about how to keep safe in an emergency. For example when you need to get off a boat and go into the water. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Guy Fawkes Poems

All The Noises I Can Hear
On the 5th of November the sky is full with light, it sure gave my bunny a big fright! Bang! Blue, gold, purple and pink, then my mind started to think
I know it was about a man named Guy Fawkes, but what did he try to do? He was with the match trying to blow up James. Guy got the blames, got thrown into flames and died.
So now I know why the fireworks fills the night sky on this day. Whoosh, Pow, Pop, , Zap, Whiz, Fizz, and Hiss! Those are all the noises I can hear, I can’t wait for November the 5th next year.

By Oscar

Spooky Narratives for Halloween

The Lollipop Man
By Joshua

Once there was a girl named Gina, who was rude, mean and greedy. Her parents were strict and kept punishing Gina for being so rude. Gina hated her parents.

One day when Gina’s parents were busy around the house and Gina was watching TV, she heard the bells of the lollipop man pushing around his cart just outside the house.

She grabbed her purse and ran outside, she then saw the lollipop man with his cart waiting for people to buy his lollipops. When Gina walked up to the cart, she prepared her purse and asked for three lollipops. Demandingly. The man handed Gina the three lollipops and took her money. As Gina walked away, the lollipop man said “Gina, don’t be greedy with those.” Gina was very confused about how the lollipop man knew her name. But she didn’t care.

When Gina got back home she started eating her first lollipop. Then, the phone rang! So she answered. “Hello? Who’s there?” All was silent, but not for more than three seconds Gina heard a voice sing “It’s the lollipop man! The lollipop man! I’m in your kitchen!” After that, the caller hung up. Gina went downstairs to the kitchen. Although, the lollipop man wasn’t there, her mother was dead on the floor with a knife in her heart.

SInce Gina hated her mother, she was happy like a fish in water after almost being killed of oxygen. By this time, Gina had finished her first lollipop and celebrated by eating another. And Again, the phone rang! Gina picked up the phone and once again: “It’s the lollipop man! The lollipop man! I’m in your bathroom.” Right after, the phone hung up. Gina went into the bathroom and didn’t see the lollipop man or any lollipops. All she saw was her dad, lying down on the floor, dead, with a razor in his throat.

Of course, Gina didn’t care because her dad was such a “control freak!” It was then Gina realised…

She had no parents! This was probably the best time of Gina’s life ever! She danced and danced and danced around the house singing: YES! YES! YES! YES! NO PARENTS! NO PARENTS! To celebrate, Gina ate her third lollipop. As soon as she placed the lollipop into her mouth, the phone rang. AGAIN! “It’s the lollipop man! The lollipop man! I’m in the living room.”

Gina was quite happy that the lollipop man was there because she ran out of lollipops. She ran downstairs and into the living room. As she walked in, she looked around for the lollipop man. But everything was the same. As Gina walked into the middle of the living room…
The ceiling fan landed on her, chopping her to pieces! When the ceiling fan settled, all you could see was Gina, on the floor, dead, with a ceiling fan sticking out her stomach.



Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Last week we celebrated Diwali across the curriculum in Rm 17. Stazia and Eashwar brought in Indian sweets for us to try and Keira and I received Henna tattoos.

For literacy Room 17  wrote an information reports about Diwali. They also researched and answered a range of comprehension questions about Diwali and the 'Story of Diwali'. We learnt about Rangoli Patterns and had ago at drawing them. Each child chose their favourite pattern and painted it on paper plates.


For the next 8 weeks,  Tui Team will be participating in the 'Field Of Dreams' swimming programme. Here are a few photos from Lesson 1.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 2 Reminders

Swimming is on Tuesday- Please remember your togs and towel.

Athletics Day- This Friday! All students need to be at school at 8am. Meet in class for the roll and then you'll  be lined up in your age groups, under the shaded lunch area by 8:10am. Please don't be late! 

Gala- The gala is this Saturday. Please make sure that your Jolly Jar is completed and handed in on Wednesday. We are still looking for helpers, so if you know someone that can help on the day please let me know.

Rachel Bellve 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Term 4 Reminders

Hi Room 17,

I hope you've all had a lovely holiday and are looking forward for Term 4!  Here are a few reminders: 

HATS - Hats are compulsory in Term 4. Please make sure your hat is clearly named. Anyone without a hat will have to play in shaded areas only. 
SWIMMING - Our swimming starts this Tuesday 17th October. I am still waiting for some permission slips to be returned. Bring these ASAP!
ATHLETICS - I am still waiting for some athletics notices and payments to be made. Please bring these ASAP. Bus fare is $6. 
SHOES - Please wear sports shoes that you can run in easily every day. We will be doing athletics training most days. 

Mrs Bellve 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Hi families, 

Just a friendly reminder that Field of Dreams permission slips are due tomorrow. If you have been sent this email then I am yet to receive your child's form. If you still have a hard copy of the notice please send it in to school tomorrow. Alternatively, if it's easier, do feel free to send me an email to give permission that way.

I have attached the notice for your information. 

Kind regards

Rachel Bellve

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 10 Term 3

One week to go before the holidays! There will be no set homework this week however, please make sure that you practise your BF and PV knowledge using the google slides test that you have created.

We will go to the Library on Tuesday, so please make sure you return any library books especially your novel study books.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tui Team Celebration- Novel Study

Well done Tui Team for completing your novel study, and sharing it for celebration this afternoon.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Lunch Orders- New System

REMINDER: Student lunch orders need to be posted in the letterbox in the office from tomorrow morning onwards :) 

simplifying fractions (reducing fractions)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Kia Kaha-Cup Stacking Challenge

Kia Kaha 
This Term Tui Team are teaching Kia Kaha as part of our health unit. Through Kia Kaha students develop strategies for respectful relationships where bullying behaviours are not tolerated.
As part of Kia Kaha students completed an collaboration activity where they needed to collaborate effectively and be resilient to be successful with the task.
Students needed to stack cups on top of each other by using a rubber band and string. The strings we tied to the rubber band. Each student had to hold the string at the end and work together to stack the cups. They were't allowed to touch anyone else's string and they weren't allowed to hold the string close to the rubber band. 
There were 3 levels to complete. Level 1: Stack 6 cups
                                                     Level 2: Stack 9 cups
                                                     Level 3: 9 cups 1 metre string. 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Class Photo Tomorrow-Reminder

Just a reminder to all families that Photolife will be in school tomorrow to take individual, class and sibling photos. Please remind your children to stay as clean as possible during break times until their photo is taken. Students should bring a hairbrush and wear the correct school uniform tomorrow.

World Of Maths Road Show

World of Maths is a unique traveling maths show that provides fun, colourful, hands-on, mathematical, problem solving activities for students. The activities or “displays” have been invented/designed and manufactured by World of Maths and therefore would not be found anywhere else in the world.  The programme has been designed to cater for all abilities with 34 activities covering ages from 5 to 14 year old.  

Have a look at the World of Maths Roadshow website below for more information

Eashwar, Joahua and Carter

Stacia, Rishaya and Sandy
William, Dylan and Liam
Denzel, Keira and Katherine

Monday, July 31, 2017

Supporting your child at home with school maths and extending their numeracy knowledge

It is important for parents to help support their child with their maths learning, so your child can retain the learning from school and to help them to be successful. A lot of the time parents don't know where to start with helping their child because the strategies are different from what they did at school.  The area where students need the most support is with numeracy knowledge such as basic facts, place value, forwards and backwards number sequence etc.  Here is a link to an awesome math site of ways you can help support your child with their school maths at home.
Here are some more e-learning website to make learning BF and PV fun