Tuesday, May 9, 2017


This term we are learning Tennis skills as part of our PE programme for the first 4 weeks.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Persuasive Writing: Speeches

Week 2

For homework this week, you need to brainstorm persuasive topic ideas and choose one that you would like to write your speech about. Here is a video to help you when thinking about a persuasive topics.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Global WALT:  To write a narrative to entertain my audience.

Use a range of descriptive language
Use range of conjunctions to join ideas
Written in Past tense
Appropriate paragraphs

Structured correctly by including an orientation, problem, resolution and conclusion.

Good Grated Cheese and Stinky Salami
By Sophie Wilton-Greenstreet

Once upon a time in a city called Dairy City lived a good dairy superhero named Good Grated Cheese who was a CRIME FIGHTER! He was a full piece of cheese until . . . his enemy Stinky Salami GRATED HIM TO PIECES!! Good Grated Cheese is so thin like a spaghetti piece and Stinky Salami is so fat and cold blooded.
The problem was that Stinky Salami was on the rampage for . . . Good Grated Cheese!! Stinky Salami is going to grate Good Grated Cheese until there is nothing left of him!! Dun Duuun Duuuun!!!
There was another superhero called Super Sausage who was willing to help Good Grated Cheese to defeat Stinky Salami forever! So Super Sausage and Good Grated Cheese headed out . . . but Stinky Salami was on guard. Good Grated Cheese and Super Sausage failed to defeat Stinky Salami.
By failing, Super Sausage and Good Grated Cheese lived in a city of chaos. It was dark and it was alway gloomy and miserable. Stinky Salami was ruling the world. They lived miserably ever after.
The End

Monday, March 27, 2017

Show not Tell Paragraphs

We have been learning about how to make our writing more descriptive so that the reader is interested and engaged.

For one of our ‘Show not tell task we were given a: Telling sentence such as ‘the pizza is delicious'. We then wrote a showing  paragraph to describe the telling sentence.
Here are a few examples of showing paragraphs for 'The cake is delicious' and 'It was a windy day'.

The cake was Delicious

Flexible, vanilla, sponge flooding with gooey, pink, fairy icing topped with, mouthwatering, Ocean blue, blueberries blending it’s watery juice to make the icing a bright purple.  Swirling like a tornado in my dry mouth, a tsunami approaches with delicious  icing when the fluffy sponge hit my teeth. Everybody could smell the juicy blueberries wafting in the air a mile away.

It was a windy day

The tree’s leaves rustle in the warm breeze as it whistles like birds in the early morning. The rubbish forms mini tornados as small as my little sister.  It howls like the kettle steaming. The fresh air running away fast.

By Keira

The pink fluffy icing lay on top the chocolate infested layers of sponge. The sponge layers are stacked like bricks. I plan taking a bite so I get a taste of every luscious ingredient. Mmm, so good!!
By Sophie

Dark chocolate icing smudged neatly all on the top with mouth watering strawberries.
The chocolate swirling in my mouth like a tornado.
Everyone around the table are begging for a slice of the best food ever.
“Mmmm so good”

I heard the breeze rustling in the trees outside.The trash was spinning round like a tornado. Cans banging on the floor like a cow slamming it’s cattle bell on the floor.
It was so noisey!!!!!

By Brayden

As I step out of the door with my groceries, my hair swirls in a tornado.There's leafs blowing through the air as trees dance.My shoelaces blow left to right as I take every step .I put on a cozy jumper as it gets colder and colder,

By Stacia

Self Portraits- Mirror Reflection

WALT: Draw our self portrait to scale


  • Follow step by step instructions to draw each part of the face.
  • Use a compass to draw the circle for the main part of the face
  • Use the lines dividing the face to help guide where to draw your facial features.
  • Personalise your portrait to make it represent you.

For visual art we have be learning how to draw our self portraits to scale. We drew a draft or two following   step by step by instructions. Once we were happy with our draft portraits we were able to create the one that you see in our mirrors. We really enjoyed drawing out portraits like the experts do and them personalising them to make it into a self portrait. By Taleah